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Poetry Corner

Original Poems Written by Ellaye

Ellaye - Pot6_edited_edited.jpg

Bright and sunny days

They remain the same

But if your thoughts change Well..

Here comes the rain

Filters are needed

Cause distractions are seeded All around you..

Why you?


Believe it or not

There are those who know more than you

More than you can comprehend

Why can't you comprehend?


Your mind has been hijacked

Many years ago

Told of a world that never existed before

But somehow you made it

You created it

And you live in it

The sun still shines

But can you see it through your eyes?

At all times

There is a battle for your mind

No need to believe anything when you know

But in order to know

You must deprogram yourself

Then grow

--- Original Poem Written by Ellaye

Ellaye - pot68_edited.jpg

An air of mystery surrounds you

As you dig to find the truth

No one to lie to you

Cause you KNOW the truth

Tell the phonies to stop!!

Tell the followers to watch!!

DONT repeat anything you read in a book

KNOWLEDGE is power

They told you in 3rd grade

But you forgot that song

Cause you too busy trying to be lame

Truth is not in a book


How crazy to believe that someone else's tales are true

See clearly through the BS and deception

Fake believer's thinking they can teach lessons

Chasing a tail

Chasing but not going anywhere

Running and exerting energy

Just to judge others with eyes of envy

This matrix got them screwed

Too tired to dig for truth

So twisted they can't see you

--- Original Poem Written by Ellaye

Ellaye - pot7_edited.jpg

Grounding my energy and feeling free

That's me Living life care free

Why chase, when I can just be?

That's me

My feet touching the ground

Being one with thee

Sounds kinda corny

But it's real and I feel it in me

Time after time

Whenever I get lost in the matrix

I go outside and speak to nature

The tress speak so gently to me

I feel the sun kissing on me

What a wonderful feeling

It goes deeper to me

Its within

Deep inside me

My connection with creation

My connection with isolation

As the wind spins around me I smile effortlessly

As the love I know I receive

Is something that no one can ever take away from me

--- Original Poem Written by Ellaye


Love is a treasure

You have to find

Love is a feeling deep down inside

Because there's a search needed

So many don't bother to look

And walk around defeated

Play games with with the hearts and minds of others

Because they refuse to feel

Refuse to jump deep within

Love is beautiful alive and real

Love is deep Love remains the same

Love will keep you together while everything else change

Who has time for games?

Who has time to pretend and live in fantasy land?

Why lie to yourself?

Why pretend?

Once you find your love within

Nothing else matters

No one can change you

No one can take love away from you

--- Original Poem Written by Ellaye

Ellaye - Pot - View 2_edited.jpg

Always From the Heart!! Music and Love go together, forget the corruption, those of this world try to bring you. Music is beautiful and peaceful, sessy and euphoric! During this beautiful evolution of self, the world you create becomes your sanctuary. Balance is key, which makes this path tricky, but I know you can do it! You can do it ALL BY YOURSELF, and guess what? You don't need no one's help. Keep pushing and ride the waves, avoid toxicity which comes in any form that is not of Balance. Remember we are in an algorithm of duality so balance is of your most importance. Follow the laws of the algorithm, follow your intuition, follow your inner light, stay authentic at all times. 

--- Original Poem Written by Ellaye

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