Dang.. you nosey...

I haven’t seen anyone do anything like this before, so to me..this is MY original idea..okay…
Any who, I love to write, draw, sing, paint, dance, cook, chile….listen...as I get older I am falling more and more in love with my artistic self.. Okay… so yeah.. You wanna hang with me in my die-a-ray?? (you have to pronounce it that way in order for it to rhyme..) 

Raise your hand if you’re nosey!!
Raise your hand if you wanna get to know me!!



Welcome boo. I love you!

Song Diaries

What I Need
Butterflies do not start their lives with beautiful wings, they must first go into solitude and evolve inside of their sacred cocoons. What I Need references this process as Ellaye describes how she evolved into a beautiful butterfly and is now ready to take on the world. Solitude to evolve begets independence, however, true independence requires the  understanding of balance, which includes being open to help just as much as doing it yourself. This idea is also incorporated into the song with the phrase: “I’ll take some help if you want to give it to me, but, I'm okay all day..” This line marks the beginning of the second verse of this empowering song of independence and working for what you have. This upbeat song is a positive mantra to be played on repeat, as it sounds better the more you hear it.  

“Air just makes me want to dance. The progression of the song is next level and feels so right.”

No capitalization.. I made this song while warming up my vocals. I had a bright idea one day and said.. 
“Hey self!”
“I’m going to warm up my voice over some music..”
Then.. uhh ohh.. I made a whole song...

Ice Cream
“I mean..umm.. Do I really have to explain this one?.. I mean.. Well, you know..” 
“Okay, listen, I’m not condoning tasting any and everyone you date..yukers of the yukies.. Okay.. but for sho.. When you’re in a committed relationship..and YOU feel like it.. I mean..well see it’s even more to it than that, but, long story short, if you want to, do it..”

“Whoa.. this song is super sexy to me.. Especially the beginning...yuh!!
So here’s the skinny for really.. I was fantasizing.. Period.. I believe that when I meet the love of my life, we’re going to know really early if we’re going to be together forever. Listen if you are with someone for longer than a few months and you still are not sure?? Move on honey, cause that is not your forever person. okay…..”

“This song was made after an uncomfortable breakup with a guy I dated for a couple of years”.. “I was genuinely over him, but I was literally pulling from my emotions at the time when I made the song. We were not together anymore, I didn’t want him back, but, we were still messing around..” “Okay, maybe, I wasn’t fully over it..yet..but the point is.. That’s what the song was about” 




The Never End

Time and Time again

i wonder what would make me give in

why do i keep going

where am i headed  - the path to the never ending 

short stories fill my head

shot down and repeats again 

yes, the cycle

where do we begin

the never end 

who can find me on this lost journey within

didn't think of this as a sad moment until I went within, and came back out


looking for the right way to go


wondering if I'm going the right way

not knowing

I was always on the right path

although alone

i know how to find my way around

but then i wonder,

when will the searching stop

why do I feel lost again

round and round I head

back around the circle

the never end

The How Come

Who what when where and why


cause i hesitate to think and contemplate

to wonder what would come next

to ensure control over the next move

don't like not knowing what to do

loud and wrong is a fear

fears are bad cause there is really nothing left to fear

so i do

i move

take action

with passion

never stopping 

keep moving 


chain reactions

no need to quit, no need to stop

who is sending me negative vibes, you suck

cause i'm on top, cause, I'm all i got

and i know that

no need to worry or go back

to the past, the way i used to be

nothing left there for me 

but old jokes, stagnation and misery