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I am a multi-talented artist that likes to switch my voice and style frequently. (No, I do not have any features on any of my songs. Background vocals, etc.. all me baby!).  

*My Bio*
My name is Ellaye (pronounced L-A), a contemporary R&B, Hip-hop, and Pop singer/songwriter from Miami, FL. I'm a multi-talented artist and LOVE sharing my work with you and the rest of the world. In my music, you'll find a mix of love, humor, sass, passion and spiritual messages.  I have been singing, rapping and songwriting professionally for over 6 years. My history with writing, performing, and studying music goes back to early childhood. I know we all love music however, my passion for the arts is ingrained in me in such a way I cannot begin to describe. Its the best way of expressing myself and what a full circle things have become in my life, where now I can express myself through visuals and sounds. Come and visit my world, see the world through my eyes, you're welcome to stay if you have good vibes. 

Life has been a journey worth documenting, if you don't pay attention, it will pass you in a minute. I know time is an illusion, that's why every moment matters. Remember your heart and feelings are the center of your existence in this lifetime. Everyday do what you feel (as long as you are not hurting anyone). Be real (especially with yourself). Allow yourself to feel (F what society says).  Look at me, dropping jewels, this was supposed to be a bio about me, and now I'm pouring into you.

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